Moving Into a New House Cleaning Tips – Revealing the Best ways


I bet last time when you checked out your house before buying it was partially clean but before the day of moving it became a complete mess again, right?

So, it’s urgent and highly necessary to clean up the house before you place the belongings into the rooms. But most of us aren’t quite experts doing it. Rather we get overwhelmed. So, I am here I have put together a guide on the topic of moving to a new house cleaning tips.

It must seem confusing with so many rooms, kitchens, and dining such as what to do, where to go next, etc. Well, in the content you are going to get a proper guideline. So let’s get into it.

Moving Into a New House Cleaning Tips

Where to Start?

The very first question that will come to mind, is where to start cleaning? The first thing you should do is checkout. I am discussing them below.

  • Look for loose screws, nails, or hooks sticking out of any door or wall. If you want to keep them then fix them or just remove them.
  • Next thing is to check for the plugboard, switches, and sockets. If there is any hamper of displed components then install them again or change them.
  • Here you are going to meet one of the dirtiest elements of the room; ceiling fans. They contain lots of dust, soot stain, and grime. Clean the fans with a long broom and make sure there is no more dirt.
  • Now it’s time to dust the rooms. Clean all the dust and dirt in the rooms, especially paying attention to the corners, windows, and doors.

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Next Clean the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the places you should apply a very deep cleaning. The next point will be helpful for you in cleaning a bathroom properly.

  1. First, take a look at the extractor fan. This place contains a lot of dust and easily creates a mess. You can apply grout cleaner on it and wait till it soaks in.
  2. Get an all-purpose cleaner and clean the doors, walls, and fixtures.
  3. Cleaning the bath is also very important. Scrub it properly and get rid of all types of dirt.
  4. Now clean the base and the toilet. Must use a specialized cleaner to clean it properly.
  5. Finally, take care of the floor. First, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the floor and then start mopping.

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Next Time for the Kitchen

Next Time for the Kitchen

A big mistake we do is by neglecting the kitchen. We generally think it’s not too tough and there are not big tasks to do. But to clean it properly you must have to pay good attention to the kitchen. Here are some tips to clean a kitchen of a new home.

  1. If the home came with any kitchen appliances then a deep clean inside and out.
  2. Clean the over with more attention
  3. Before setting up any kitchen appliances make sure to clean them up. Besides, if you face any kitchen issues then check this website: hopefully you will get ideas for fixing them.
  4. Take care of the cabinets. Vacuum it properly.
  5. Finally, clean the floor. First vacuum and then mop it to eliminate all types of dust and loose dirt.

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Take Care of the Bedroom

The bedroom doesn’t require much attention but still, it is one of the major places to clean properly. Well, they are one of the last areas to be cleaned. Here get some tips on bedroom cleaning.

  1. Remove all types of dust from the bedroom, especially pay attention to the window sills and doors.
  2. Now clean the built-in furniture of the room (If there is any)
  3. Before placing the beds and other furniture make sure to clean them.
  4. Now take care of the windows and doors.
  5. Finally, you will vacuum the floor and mop it properly.

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Deep Clean the Carpets

If you’re planning to set carpets on the floor then take care of the carpet first. Generally, we don’t clean carpets for a very long time. So when it will go to a new home then must clean it before fitting it on the floor. If you have pets in your room, sometimes they nasty you’re around the carpet but we bring a carpet cleaner solution for pet urine.

However, if it is a new one then you have no extra hassle.

Take Care of the Outdoor

I know it’s not necessary but to bring the perfect look of the new place you must take care of the outdoors. There must be a huge number of creepers, small trees, mosh, etc. Demolish them and freshen the yard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Prepare for The New House Cleaning?

Don’t worry too much about it. Just have a look at the whole house and understand what you are going to need to fix electricity, kitchen issues, or anything.

Next prepare all cleaning essentials and start by fixing loose elements such as hooks, screws, electric components, and others. Next Clean the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms.

Besides, you may contact Edward ball for details about DIY.

How to Clean Your Windows?

Here I am showing the process step by step.

  1. Take a spray bottle and mix 10 parts water and 1 part distilled vinegar.
  2. Take a lint-free cloth and wipe down the window.
  3. Spray the solution on the window and take a towel to wipe it out.
  4. Apply more on the stinky spot and wipe again

NB: Don’t use glass cleaner or blade.

What to do if you move into a dirty house

I have already discussed the process in this article. Just follow the steps.

Final Verdict

After reading this content I think you won’t be much worried about moving to a new house. The first thing after moving will be cleaning everything up. In this article, I have already explained complete guidelines on this topic.

So step by step follow I have discussed. Again mentioning in short – first, fix things you need to do, then clean the ceiling elements, wipe the room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms.

Finally, take a look at the yards and outdoors and you are all done. Thanks for staying with us.

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