How Do I Find a Good Real Estate Agent? – The 8 Best Complete Guide & Warnings

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent
Find a Best Real Estate Agent


Whether you are buying or selling homes, finding a good real estate agent is the first thing to consider. The profit and success depend almost 75% on the agent. So, the whole process is depending on the quality of the agent you are hiring.

So, now you must consider before hiring an agent. Some people hire agents randomly and end up getting a loss project or less profitable deal. If you are wise you must consider several facts about real estate agents. So what to consider? I am here to help you to learn “How to find a good real estate agent?”

In this article, I will discuss the whole process along with some warnings and interviewing tips. So let’s get in-depth to the topic.

8 Best Steps to Find a Good Real Estate Agent

  1. Find Real Estate Brokers Having at least 1-2 Transactions in the Recent Months.
  2. Hire Real Estate Professionals from the Nearby Area.
  3. Get Potential Agents Having Legal Licenses and Good Educational Background.
  4. Search Online Broker.
  5. Ask your Family and Friends.
  6. Commitment and Commission Rate.
  7. Select at least 3 for the Interview.
  8. Interviewing
    • Ask about their previous experience
    • Does he work in a team or individually?
    • Ask them to show some previous properties they have sold before
    • Contact their recent clients for Client Reviews
    • Ignore Inexperienced Agent

How Do I Find a Good Real Estate Agent? – Complete Guide!

Find a Best Real Estate Agent
The Complete Guide & Warnings

1. Find Someone Having at least 1-2 Transactions in the Recent Months

First of all, you have to find an experienced agent who is working in this sector for at least 3 years. The next thing is to find out the current working state of the agent. The agent must take one or two deals every month. Such candidates can help you get the best deal.

However, agents with less experience can also be good at dealing. But why should you take risks? Even if you hire someone like that then you must check their previous work success rate and time consumption per work.

2. Hire Someone from the Nearby Area

People from the same area will be sincere while working on a neighbor client’s project. They will try to hold their reputation in the area and the dealing will be safe and secure with a familiar one. Moreover, you may get the dealing at a lower percentage rate.

3. Get Someone a legal License and a Good Educational Background

We suggested that – always get a qualified and licensed real estate agent. Such candidates know the market, sellers, and buyers, and can focus better on the project using different strategies.

So while interviewing ask them to show their license and educational certificates.

4. Search Online Agents

There are lots of websites where you can find real estate agents. After researching a few agents, you must find some professional and smart negotiators. Just turn on your Internet Data or connect your smart device to a wifi network then search on Google. Hopefully, you will get a good real estate agent!

NB: Sometimes the website refers to some unsuccessful agents getting a good commission from them. Don’t fall into the trap. Must make your survey first. However, The Value Real Estate is a completely different and trusted site to find qualified agents. Finding an agent is easier here and we ensure surety to provide an ideal agent. (More appropriate for finding the best real estate agent in Columbus Ohio)

5. Ask your Family and Friends for References

You can easily get a good real estate agent by asking your friends, relatives, Or neighbors. Besides, when the agent gets you as a referral then there are more charges to get him at a lower price. Moreover, he will be sincere in getting more deals from your other relatives.

6. Commitment and Commission

Here are 2 essential parts to consider. You must have made a deal and signed a contract with the agent. A contract generally lasts for 2-6 months.

Now about the commission. The traditional commission is 5% of the purchase price. However, it may vary from agent to agent. But the ideal rate is between 4-6%. So, you must consider this percentage.

There is a common saying lower commission means lower service. If the behavior of the agent indicates this, then don’t take service from them.

7. Select at least 3 Agents for Interview

Testing only 1 agent is a bad decision. You must make your survey over 5-7 and select at least 3 agents. On a certain date ask them for interviews separately.

8. Interviewing

The most important part is the interview. Here I will discuss some points that must come in help in finding the best real estate agent.

  • Ask about their previous experience: Must ask them to share some past experiences. Try to figure out their strategy and judge by your sales.
  • Does he work in a team or individually: It’s time to ask them whether they work as a team or work as an individual. An agent who works individually is more likely to be effective than an agent. The individual agent will process the whole thing by himself. But when it is a team then must divide the tasks among them. And by any chance, if the team leader misses any info then the whole processing may go wrong.
  • Ask them to show some previous properties they have sold before: After getting that you have to analyze the value and make sure the sold property is related to the property you are buying or selling.
  • Contact their recent Buyers: Ask the candidates to give the list of their previous clients. A successful agent will never hesitate to provide their previous Buyers’ information.
  • When you get the list call a few clients and frankly talk with them. Ask them to give a rating out of 5. Finally, analyze it according to the reviews.

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Avoid Agents of Few Categories

Now it’s time to discuss some signs of a bad real estate agent. Keep reading –

  • Someone doesn’t answer or return calls: This is a sign of an irresponsible individual. In the real estate business, an agent’s every day is a business day. They must be sincere about their clients and provide all the information the clients want. If someone tries to avoid then get rid of him.
  • Avoid agents from different areas: Brokers who don’t live nearby you never get a proper idea of the houses you want to sell. Besides, the price range charging will also be difficult then.
  • Maybe newbies but not failures: The most important thing is to avoid unsuccessful negotiators. It is better if you get experienced. You may go with a new one but must be smart and successful in their previous works.

Bottom Line

After getting a good agent you will get lots of free time and lead a tension-free time. And getting the wrong agent means the whole process will be a tougher time for you. So, it’s wise to spend few weeks before hiring one and pass months in relaxing depending on the agent. Today we targeted to share our research on the topic “How to find a real estate agent?”

We have already explored 8 ways to judge and select the best agent of real estate. However, also read out the warning part and avoid such brokers. Now it’s your turn to follow the rules and find the best person to handle your task. Hopefully, you will benefit from this article and there is always an open and reliable option for you –  The Value Real Estate.

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