How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Market – 6 Strategies to Follow


Facing problems in selling your house? It’s more difficult to sell in the slow market. Most of the people either get late at selling or sell it at an undesired price. Nothing unsatisfying will happen if you know how to sell a house fast in a slow market.

To learn the perfect method of selling, you have to get familiar with different terms and selling policies such as short selling, wholesale selling, home staging, etc. The newbies must get afraid of these terms. Worry not, I am here to explain everything and give you the best strategies to sell your house at a high price in a slow market. So, further prolonging the intro, let’s dive into the main points.

6 Strategies to Sell Your Home Fast in a Slow Market?

How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Market
Sell Your House Fast in a Slow Market

1. Stage your Home

Staging your property can easily catch the attention of buyers. But how can you stage your home in the best way? Here I am providing some effective ways to stage your home.

• De-personalize Your Property

You may feel bad hearing these. Remove all the family photos, self-portraits, and other memorable substances from the house. It brings more value to your house and draws people’s attention faster.

• Clean your House

Naturally, a buyer is more likely to buy a property that is clean inside and out than a property surrounded by trash and dirt. So, for getting some potential buyers you must keep your property clean and clear.

🧹how to (deep) clean your entire home in 1 week

• Complete Patching and Fixing

More or less every house requires fixing and patching. No buyers like to buy a house with additional hassles like patching, fixing, or repairing. So, before losing any customer you better fix everything and show them a ready-to-live house.

• Keep the Room Bright

I suggest adding more bulbs and LEDs to your house. Keep them turn on to ensure a fresh look. Be more conscious of keeping the outdoor and garage area brighter. Also, repair all the electric disconnections.

• Take Professional Photographer

Some people think photography does not affect selling. But this can be the first mistake to losing a customer or the first step to getting a customer.

Try to capture the perfect photos and keep the lights up while capturing. If you don’t have a quality camera or you are not an expert in photography, then hire a photographer to get some catchy photos of your house.

• Showcase the Attractive Stuff

Try to decorate the house with the best stuff and showpieces. Highlight them to grab people’s attraction.

• Make the Buyers Feel it is their Property

It’s a great strategy to convince a buyer. Talk to them frankly just like it’s their house. Neutralize the house and let them imagine like their own. It brings more possibility to getting the house to be sold.

2. Hire an Expert Real Estate Agent

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It is difficult to sell a house when the market is down. In that case, you can hire a professional and qualified real estate agent. Ask your friends for the best agent and also make a secret query about her career.

Make sure the agent can help you find potential buyers. Some people take foolish decisions. They hire agents from different areas and finally ended up without profit. Always get an agent from the nearby area.

3. Considering a Short Sale

A short sale is determined as the process of selling the property for less than the price on the mortgage. Here the seller takes the cash to fully repay the lender of the mortgage. It can only happen when the lender or bank agrees to the short sale deal.

A short sale on a real state property improves the credit score and breaks free from the burden of the seller fees. The fees can be 3-15% of the total price which is your instant benefit.

4. Sell via Wholesaler

Encountering the selling process for the first time? You can sell them to a wholesaler. Well, the wholesaler you know is quite different from this one. Here the wholesaler works slightly like the agents. You have to contact them and they will contact the interested buyers with the details of your property. It’s a very quick way to sell your house. But the fact is sometimes, you may not get the desired value here.

There is one big advantage. Here you don’t need to pay the exorbitant fees of real estate.

5. Try Online

I know you are thinking it’s not a cloth or electric gadget. Yes, it’s the property, and you can still sell them online. There are different types of websites related to buying and selling houses and property.

You can put your ad on different sites and you may get a call soon from a potential customer. Don’t be insecure. The sites are safe and every day thousands of properties are being sold on the sites. However to be more secure use dedicated Wi-Fi internet connection. Keep in mind you may have to pay a percentage to the site where you will get the customer.

6. Understand the Market

It’s common sense to understand the market selling it. Try to realize whether it’s the seller’s market or it’s buyer’s market.

How to Find Out if the Real Estate Market is Down?

By seeing the progress of some factors you can easily estimate if the Real Estate Market is running slow. In this segment, I will share the ways of finding out whether the Real Estate Market is going down or not.

Home inventory level

In Real Estate, the home inventory level is measured by comparing two things. The two factors to be compared are the number of houses that are included in the list of sales and the actual number of property sales in that month.

It is seen that most of the time it is not possible to match up the list and it can down the Real Estate Market. For example, if you enlist 70 houses each month and can sell 10 homes on average then your market will have 7 months of supply. But 6 months of supply is considered balanced and more than that indicates the market is slowing down.

Days on market

When you enlist a house for sale it may remain available for many days and that should be a reason to worry. When your advertised house remains available for more than months your market may slow down.

Home price movement

When your home value trends upward it can be a reason for tension because after a certain time the price may drop. So when your home price gets a lot of appreciation, do start to worry about slowing down.

Number of price reduction

When your home price gets an accelerated appreciation it is a reason for getting worried. Because you may need to reduce the house price to get it sold. When you reduce the price so many times for most of the houses, it is a sign of slowing down your market.

What Brings More Value to a House?

Some factors can increase the value of your market, let’s learn about them below.


The more attractive the house the more would be the value of it and that’s why you should think about increasing the attractiveness of a house. By changing some indoor and outdoor decorations it can be done and the value of your house increases easily.

Low maintenance houses

People often look for a house that won’t bother them much for repair or other circumstances. So often present a low-maintenance house to get more value from the buyers.

Bigger houses

Most people prefer houses that include bigger rooms and spaces. So make sure that the house you are presenting has big rooms, large front side spaces, and other facilities. These factors will bring extra value and praise to your house from buyers.


We are long away from the beginning and you must get some light of hope after reading the whole article. If you follow the tips I have given on the topic, “how to sell your home fast in a slow market?” you will never fail. Before ending again remind you not to take any point lightly. As it’s a big deal every buyer wants to get the finest property. Here I am also leaving some warnings you must avoid while selling.

  • Don’t try overpricing.
  • Don’t be a stubborn negotiator.
  • Never restrict the buyer to any access to your property.
  • Never neglect maintenance.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. Good luck selling your house at a good price.

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